Mai Tai Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain actually takes my pain away and makes me feel super happy. This is my must go to strain for fighting my pesky backpain”

  • “Definitely the dankest high CBD i've had. With that, it definitely has a little more kick than others I have had like Cannatonic and Harlaquin. Smells amazing, tastes great and gives a nice light buzz while leaving me feeling very functional. Nice little body buzz action. I use high CBD because I get anxiety and so far this strain has been pretty good to me.”

  • “the best-tasting CBD strain so far!!! Wow. sweet & sour on the tongue. expansive smoke. nice, full-body relaxation with a very mild head buzz. perfect for a mellow, rainy day in or a night of Netflix. this one made me a bit too relaxed for functional daytime activities. but I love it for everything else!”

  • “Citrus flavor indeed. Definitely a must try. Once you inhale it will feel like you have oranges in your mouth. Orange, purple and green buds. Relaxing! (Especially with good company!) 🌳”

  • “Frostiest CBD in the game! Reeks of cherries and oranges, super calming hybrid high with CBD effects calming and soothing the body. 🍹🍪”

  • “This strain gives a slight head buzz, an uplifting and very happy relaxed effect, and is GREAT for people who suffer from migraines. Relaxes the muscles of the body, perfect for Netflix and chill. Very talkative and perfect to smoke with good company. MUST-TRY!”

  • “This strain gives a slight head buzz. Very happy, relaxing, uplifting, and GREAT for people who suffer from migraines or anxiety. My bf and I happen to suffer from both and we love how this strain feels. It's especially relaxing for the muscles in the body, perfect for Netflix and good company. Very talkative high, good energy, and lots of laughter. My new favorite strain!! MUST-TRY!!”

  • “Very smooth hitting strain with great fruity taste . The high is very mellow but surprisingly productive . Great strain to start off your day with a decent bong hit . Great uplifting ,happy high to get your day going”