Majestic 12 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The High is the best one I have had yet but it makes me a Lil paranoid”

  • “I found this strain to be a little bit tasteless. It has earthy and sweet undertones but overall it seemed weak especially for a crumble. The mind relaxation is great like a soft blanket hugging your brain. The body sensation is like a light tingle that radiates throughout the body emanating from my core. Pain, depression, stress, and anxiety are all gone. It doesn't help my stomach but I'm pretty satisfied.”

  • “love the flavor and i love the high, i could smoke this every single day”

  • “The majestic had me extremely creative, super purple and super dank!”

  • “Strong syrebral high it fades into a body high last about three and a half hours. Relieve the pain in my back. Very sweet taste nice aroma in dry herb form. Extracted a little via hot flat iron and parchment paper dabbed it up went to the Moon very nice”