Mammoth Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the best I've ever had. Lightning fast and clear headed. Amazing for tension headaches and anxiety. No paranoia, only slight confusion. Could have gone to sleep if I needed to but I was working on my computer and that was just fine. Uplifting and relaxing. Top 3.”

  • “For me it's the perfect bud. Traditionally I prefer a heavy indica due to anxiety but I found that mammoth is indica-relaxing but it is simultaneously stimulating as well so you get the best of both worlds without one over powering the other. Perfect balance.”

  • “The Mammoth I recently bought from Solstice in Washington was a very cakey beautiful bud. It's a very mellow social high, that's easy to accomplish tasks with. Definitely a early morning or middle of the day strain. It doesn't stone too hard, yet it loosens you up and makes you feel alright.”

  • “I honestly love it!! When I'm out and about I have energy to go talk go do stuff and go adventure! I don't get very tired from most strains, one thing I don't really have a liking for, but it's a good wake a bake strain. Definitely in my top 5 favorite strains”

  • “This strain makes you feel okay with the idea of having a plastic ball placed around you like a bubble boy! Amazing”

  • “These buds smelled just like a mammoth, down right reeked. That being said they were really nice, perfectly round with bright orange hairs. Consistently providing full bodied indica effects with a clear head I can see why it's liked but I'll say its not for me. 7.5/10”

  • “Got a great daytime buzz with just a couple hits from a steamroller... very heavy on taste and a light "no cough" exhale. Helped with the shoulder pain and was still able to get some work done without being couched all day. Cheers”

  • “Huge, thick, dense buds. Tastes earthy, sweet, slightly piney. Nice, well rounded buzz, slightly leaning towards the indica end of the spectrum.”