Mandala #1 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very smokey/earthy flavor. easily cloned. high pest resistance. very easy to grow. grows short and bushy. fair yielded. dense sticky buds. short flower tume of 60-65 days. really Gatta mess stuff up to kill this one.”

  • “great smoke and beautiful amazing high. Only downside is dry mouth and eyes but other then that its a true amazing african strain”

  • “It's been years maybe 5 since I had this strain from what I remember it developed a fruity smell after curing. It was a good balanced hybrid that was more sativa dominant but the buds were dense. It was also a creeper for me taking a couple of min. To really kick in. Great for social events.”

  • “Not as knocked out by this one as I have with others I've tried. Nice smooth smoke but really bad dry mouth, like Sahara-bad, and I get brutally red eyes with this one. It also gets me too high, just verging on the paranoia, but it makes me too immobile to deal with the mounting anxiety. It has good pain relieving aspects but the negatives just are a bit too much. However, the smooth smoke and good taste make up for ...”

  • “I gave this one a second try and found it to be a great day time strain when meted out over the day. I can see how you'd flip out if you smoked a lot just to blast off! It's a really good in the moment strain, I get a laser like focus and tend to see things with more of a magnifying glass, noticing things in much more detail and also appreciating those same things more intensely. I was given an ounce of small nugs...”