Mango Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very potent. Hit this twice off a vaporizer at a dinner party and passed on the third and fourth rounds cause i was already good. Nice sativa start put me in a great mood, lots of laughs but didn't get stupid. Found myself focused on a friend breaking down a great business idea. Indica finish, with a mellow couch lock for the remainder of the night. Alcohol friendly has no side effects with shots.”

  • “Quite possibly my favorite strain. Two bowls put me and a buddy into a fit of giggles for a good 45 minutes while munching down on a bag of Cheetos. Then we got serious for a bit and had just about the most beautiful in-depth talk ever. About an hour and a half after smoking, a bit of indica kicked in and had us couch-locked while listening to music. The mango taste and smell automatically set you up for a happy high...”

  • “Surging sativa full of optimism and excitement. Fun and funny. Perfectly chill, in control, and invested for social interactions or awesome alone create/game time. Only good vibes! Real trippy and psychadelic like acid. Visuals are fantastic, but slow to respond. Come down is sedative, but clean and soft. Remains positive and upbeat. High quality. Kush quality makes for fun and impressive movie watching, but not a...”

  • “I got this strain on a whim because it smelled so good in the jar I had to try it. VERY nice clear head with a bit of indica body high. I didn't get couch lock from it and felt refreshed. The flavor profile of this lady is stunning!! Tropical tasting on inhale... very sweet mango on exhale!! I will be trying to get my hands on more of this lady ASAP!!”

  • “Discovered this strain while I was in Tampa on business. Never had anything like it before. I was high from the first hit. And instantly a feeling of joy and happiness came over me. I have never smoked a strain that made me so happy so soon. I have smoked other strains that have made me happy but With those its usually 30 mins after smoking. This strain had me smiling like the grinch that stole Christmas while Me...”

  • “Make no plans”

  • “I have horrible foot pain & migranes, then i medicated with the mango kush & i just felt the pain melt away. I haven't had a migrane all week & my foot isn't killing me from the constant swelling. JAH RASTAFARI!!!”

  • “this is a great flower for cronic pain and depression. will make you feel like doing things. great suggestion from canna-daddy. thank you”