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Mango Tango Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The flavor is unbelievable. Its like smoking a Mango that's been blessed with OG Kush's potency but its sweet as an apricot in August. This strain is very delightful and fulfilling. It scores big in taste, it slam dunks with power, and the medical benefits are a homerun! This is a very social strain, and women love its fruity smell and flavor. It takes two too Mango Tango so let's cut a bud. I recommend trying this ...”

  • “I'd probably give this one a 4.5. Super fun, silly and uplifting. Talkative and social. Smoked this one with friends and can't wait for it to show up and my dispensary. Zero paranoia and fairly energetic. Smoked all night and never got too high or too tired. Would definitely buy again. Feels like Bruce Banner euphoria with Jack Herer body high and focus.”

  • “Very unique flavor that lasts throughout the whole bowl and a really mellow relaxed high”

  • “Mango Tango Shatter/Bud Looks: The buds were big and dense with lots of yellow hairs. OGish yet differnt at the same time. Tons of thick white trichs cover its green and yellow colors like fur. The shatter where tiny tan squares completly solid and stable,but cut like butter,very nice quality. Smell/Taste: Always hoped to get bud/shatter combo to compare. The buds smell of a strong tropical ctirus mango with a strong...”

  • “great strain for emptying the bowels. lit this sucker up while sitting on the rim and boy can I say I've never felt emptier.”

  • “Am I the only one still reading strain reviews in 2018!? Lol all I ever see is old reviews... anyways, just rolled this mango tango in a delish mango swisher and I am feeling amazing!! Body is relaxed and I'm in a good mood even after a long day. Smell and taste are on point. As far as the head high..... I read strain reviews all the time; they have led me to some awesome bud and I always feel like a shitty friend be...”

  • “Great strain but messes with my ptsd. Makes me irritable. Would recommend to others without ptsd. Great taste and smell.”

  • “awesome fir fibromyalgia,chronic pain and nausea.”