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Marcosus Marshmellow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is the most fire dope I've ever came across. S/O to the man Marcosus for coming up with this fire strain. If you like a minty after taste with a great euphoric head high try this out”

  • “Should've named it Christmas Day cause that's what it smells like. It's wonderful. Got me having a blast playing with the kids, CREATIVE FOR SURE. Music is awesome. This would be great for a concert or to paint, or leave reviews apparently. 4 stars for the snap crack and pops upon lighting up bowl. Yet too spark a J, but this is like fireworks. Great deal though. ~Jaime~”

  • “This bud surprised the he'll out of me all the way around!! So tasty, and really nice and mellow!! Super chill bud to smoke out of the bong and kick it around the house and listen to music!! Must, must have!!”

  • “This strain is a miracle for MS muscle spasms and neuropathy. When the muscle spasms start, one hit and instant relief. If the spasms got going before taking a hit, it takes a few to stop them. This strain has AWESOME medical benefits. It's just hard to find at times. So...PLEASE GROW SOME...Anyone!”

  • “Great taste, the body high is nice and relaxing.”

  • “Great all around strain. However I did find a seed and the MME budtender told me it was Sativa!”

  • “This strain is one of my favorites, it's soft, and has a nice smell, besides, who doesn't like their marshmallows roasted.”

  • “Nice scent, good smoke, great look”