Marcosus Marshmellow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is the most fire dope I've ever came across. S/O to the man Marcosus for coming up with this fire strain. If you like a minty after taste with a great euphoric head high try this out”

  • “Great all around strain. However I did find a seed and the MME budtender told me it was Sativa!”

  • “Taste like a burnt marshmallow looks like reggie filled with spider mite mold and pm”

  • “Should've named it Christmas Day cause that's what it smells like. It's wonderful. Got me having a blast playing with the kids, CREATIVE FOR SURE. Music is awesome. This would be great for a concert or to paint, or leave reviews apparently. 4 stars for the snap crack and pops upon lighting up bowl. Yet too spark a J, but this is like fireworks. Great deal though. ~Jaime~”

  • “This strain is one of my favorites, it's soft, and has a nice smell, besides, who doesn't like their marshmallows roasted.”

  • “Great taste, the body high is nice and relaxing.”

  • “It's cool. Nice body high. Good taste.”

  • “these new strains keep a coming. This looks funky and has an odd taste. minty sort of. Chemical caca, I dont care for these hybrids myself, overall not bad, the buzz has some good mind effects, with a slight burnout on the end. Overall blahhh....”