Margaret Cho-G Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very pungent, funky aroma that really grabs your nose. Very smooth in a vaporizer, but can give you a rough cough. Was very useful in relieving severe pain from inflammation along my chest, lower back, and ankles, as that was what was currently bothering me. I still feel very aware of my space and thoughts, overall a very useful strain.”

  • “This is a great, heavy hitting strain. It smells sweet, sour, and wonderful. A really nice night time strain.”

  • “I saw this last summer and thought it was alien og. I just thought my friend was gay for Margaret Cho. I owe him an apology. it was sweet great burn pattern. and the high was on a hole bother level. not unlike the PDS purple dog shit I did not believe that was a real strain name but it was great. they both remind me of being in middle school . cutting class to smoke grass and get ass. what a walk down memory lane.”