Martian Mean Green Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Mean Green starts out quite potent, with a high powered sativa hit that lasts a bit over an hour, then gently fades over the next 40 minutes. There's something like a hint of grapefruit and sugary vanilla in the smell, and upon vaping the taste is an odd, musty, yet creamy cheese. Very unusual and worth trying for that reason alone. The high left something to be desired - mainly, I was wishing the indica characterist...”

  • “After a month of smoking this I am revising my overall rating. I added an extra point because there still seems to be no tolerance building up. This is a very reliable strain if you need a high level of reliability and consistency with your medication.”

  • “gr8 medicine 4th delivery .....roll with us rocks....”

  • “Very zoned relaxed high, perfect for gaming or other artistic activities.”

  • “Great bud, kind of from outer space.”

  • “Easily my new favorite strain. Great for depression and stress, gave me the giggles pretty hard. Got pretty couch locked but you could be entertained by staring at the carpet on this stuff. Definitely share this with a friend, you'll both think everything the other says is the funniest thing on the planet.”

  • “Very calming takes away pain”

  • “i just grew a batch of this silly amazing strain that literally takes me out of the planet for a bit then back on the next flight... this strain is O.D.”