Maui Haole Reviews

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  • “want try please save 1 gram for me !?/ how much ? for tip of "iiceberg" with that vidrio cage i saw other dayabout 3 inch dia and 5 inch height measurement and 3 variety colors buds wow i fuerza get next week payday ruth baseball player loves this too smile :) save me a tip or two for next week i wanna taste the periencings to tell the next views”

  • “Happy high ! relaxing.”

  • “Fire good put me to sleep”

  • “What a great hit of Hawaii. Sorry, the first day I brought it back from THC Arizona, I sparked it on sunny after noon and my whole day changed. It really was a great run/batch, you could pick up all the Rommie Joe back flavor and still brought in "maui style" almost falls into the maui wowie class. Made me happy, energetic, uplifted, funny happy, heavily reducing my stress and anxiety and allowing me on focusing a...”

  • “Da Pua Mana Pakalōlō ʻOhana was very fortunate to aquire da original Joe Romulan Cut from a Honolulu attorney who will remain nameless wink emoticon Joe Romulan Cut is a #1 recommended medical strain on many review databases and for good reason! Couch lock can truly be defined by this ultra kind kind of dakine Pakalōlō that makes all other strains, reguardless of aroma, potency or presentation, pale in comp...”

  • “This one I've been hearing a lot about. Looking for a carrier of this strain to try. As always very interested in potency percentages for possible extractions.”

  • “I got maui waui from the source in Nahiku and that was a spot on hybrid of the two”

  • “Maui Haole, also sometimes called “Hawaiian Alien,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created as a cross between the insanely popular Maui Wowie X Romulan strains. With a moderately high THC level between 15-17% and insanely well-balanced effects, Maui Haole is perfect for any level of cannabis user! This bud has a delicious citrusy diesel aroma and a taste of sweet citrus with a hint of pu...”