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Mazar x Blueberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “As a person with 100% disability from combat-related PTSD, I can tell you that this is the first strain that I have found that has actually decreased my reliance on PTSD meds the doctors give me. Since I started using Skywalker, I no longer need to pop a Xanax when I am feeling stressed-out (which is usually daily!). I take a couple good tokes of this and I'm good-to-go again! This stuff rocks!!!”

  • “I smoked this for about a week with a coiled vaporizer pen. It was pretty good. However, once I got a true vaporizer and tried it, it was a different story. Let me start by saying I suffer from different types of mental and physical ailments. I smoked skywalker with a true vape and it was like a full body massage for over 4 hours. I felt completely better for DAYS afterward; my anxiety has left, depression has ...”

  • “Peace, people. I am massively picky with my strains because I can slip into paranoia quickly due to incredible anxiety. My bipolar mind can shut my creativity down without notice. To the rescue came this beautiful strain! Beginning in the head it took a trip down to my body and brought with it pure relaxation and calming effects. Focus, desire to write and being content with life all joined the party. My sleep was f...”

  • “Sweet, hairy little nugs... People seem to be emphasizing the strange sorta space you enter on this one. Rightfully so. My supply of this strain was nit of the highest quality -- pretty to look at but extremely subtle aroma. Very dense and smokes well. The high caught me off guard, hit me straight in the frontal.lobe like it wanted to pull my head into the ground. I felt verrrry relaxed. The head high slowly crept ...”

  • “Grown on Tatooine by Owen Lars, he named it after his wife. Popular amongst Jedi smokers, this one really helps you connect with what surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together. On Tatooine this strain is referred to as "Power Converters" and can be picked up at the dispensary inside Toshi station. The Hookah Lounge in Mos Eisley sells it as a house brand. Very popular in Degobah.”

  • “Bought 2g of this at 27.7% thc from my local dispensary. smell and flavor are mild but nice and smoke is incredibly smooth on the throat. As far as the effects, it definitely pays tribute to its blueberry and afghani parents. very heavy and sedating and spacey. if you are an indica lover or patient seeking pain relief or need a good sleep aid, this will do you no wrong. i've found a new favorite with skywalker and wi...”

  • hi2

    “A superior strain. Mentally stimulating. Your body feels incredible.... that light, floaty feeling magnified. Verged on the psychedelic after three small bowls from the Arizer Solo. Should be a fan favorite for all who know and love sweet sweet cannabis. Definitely buying again.”

  • “One of the most impressive highs from a hybrid. Its light and airy, yet at the same time has great taste and does not leave any trace of fatigue or grogginess like some strong Indicas. Definitely NOT for amateur smokers. 9 out of 10; hands down a top favorite.”