Medibud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fortunately I got this strain just before going on a hiking expedition to the Great Smoky Mountains NP. What a perfect match for the strain and the activity! Medi is very energetic and happy. This high is very strong but no paranoia. One thing I really love about this strain is that there's no red eyes and it is quite easy to interact with others. No stumbling on words, staring with your mouth open or anything like ...”

  • “I get debilitating migraines and medi bud is amazing within 10 min I'm up and ready to go best strain for migraines”

  • “Well trimmed, reds and dusky green prevail. Orbs of glistening thc, cbd. This marijuana is real kind. Calming, Nurturing, sleep if you want to. Rest Assured. Good High. Easy to smoke on a little water. No coughing. Many thanks to our local AZ dispensary.”

  • “Great strain. Looks and smokes beautifully, top shelf in my opinion. Blends a happy energetic buzz with a relaxed body feeling. Highly recommended, enjoy!”

  • “Meh. From the reviews and ratings I expected more from it. I am more of a recreational user and seldom turn to cannabis for pain relief, so perhaps I'm not the best target audience or reviewer for this particular strain. For me, it was more sedating than uplifting or activating. My girlfriend felt the same way. I do like more sativa dominate strains, so again, it might be my personal preference because a lot of revie...”

  • “Perfect for daytime use! Intense calming and pain relief for anxiety, arthritis and post surgical pain. It's not a "put you on your ass high" but the calm that this strain gives you is worth it's weight in gold. Functional daytime pain and anxiety med FTW! Makes you able to focus on things and quiets down anxiety and depression. Definitely a medical strain and I highly recommend this for pain and depression. Taste...”

  • “Very FINE Herb!...Our YHS Budtender blessed us with a beautiful quarter of fresh, well cured, hefty dence buds...Color is soft green covered with orange hairs. White sugary gland sacs are noticeably visable...Tastes of vanilla and honey with undertones of berry-pine...delicious! We smoked in glass water pipes and I felt instant effects... the Positive chi Energy offers deep muscle relaxation, back-hip pain relief,...”

  • “This amazing hybrid is my all-time favorite. The pain relief is quick & thorough. Flavors are sweet yet earthy and it will F*** you up if more than a 'therapeutic' dose is taken. ;) I would recommend this strain to Everyone seeking pain relief.”