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Medicine Man Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Beautiful dark plum purple colored nugs covered in trichomes, overall wild hybrid appearance. Definitely one of the most visually appealing strains that I have seen. High is very evenly mixed head and body effects. A mild body buzz but no lethargy or laziness. Very euphoric and uplifted, with no paranoia or stress. Focused and alert, strong desire to listen to music or study. Mild but noticeable headband-like pressur...”

  • “I tried this bad bitch the other day. It gave me such of a magnificent high that I felt obligated to create a leafly account just to rate it 5 stars. She deserves the praise.”

  • “I just tested medicine man from my local dispensary in RI. It tested at 9.64% THC and 8.85% CBD, which to my knowledge is one of the highest thc/cbd ratios. It instantly cured my back pain which had been excruciating. It also gave me a great body buzz, and relaxed muscles. I will certainly be picking up more very soon.”

  • “I'm a seasoned smoker. I can honestly say that this is my all-time favorite strain. It's the first strain that I have ever smoked with a near perfect 1 to 1 ratio of THC to CBD. The particular crop I got from my local dispensary came out with 9% THC and 10% CBD. It's a very mellow, clear-headed and euphoric high. Great for muscle spasms and my Crohn's pain. In heavy doses, I often experience visual and auditory enhan...”

  • “This is really my favorite heavy hitter. It helps with all of my symptoms (nausea, stress, anxiety, tight muscles) and has a rich earthy taste.”

  • “Beautiful strain, very strong. The batch I got tested high in thc (22%) no cbd (which I guess might be unusual for this strain? I wouldn't know though), .1 cbc and a higher percentage of cbg (.9%) than I've seen in this area. Very euphoric and uplifting, quick onset (decarbed before smoked) amazing pain relief. Good for strong and chronic pain. I have a higher than average tolerance, this is a really good daytime str...”

  • “Def likin Medicine Man more than when I 1st tried it. Migraine pain shot up after work (6). Nausea 4-5. Had some things I needed to do & didn't get a chance to medicate until 1900 or so. Took bout 5 minutes to start working. Migraine pain 3 @ worst. Nausea gone. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA this time. Remember my eyes & mouth being dry before going to bed round 2100. Gonna hafta try this one again soon & see how I react. Mayb...”

  • “really nice sativa buzz”