Medicine Woman Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Medicine Woman is love in a bud. I fired this up on a beautiful late Sunday afternoon as the sun rays were shining on my face and the gentle breeze woke up the leaves and they waved to me. I realized I was grinning from ear to ear and felt so happy to be alive on such a wonderful day. It took away stress and pain, and left me with happy and positive vibes.”

  • “Pungent! Earthy! Tangy, almost... From inhale to rolling the vapor and/or smoke off the tongue and cheeks to full exhale this wild and intoxicatingly beautiful bud would grab the back of the eyes and lift. As if pulling you into motion as opposed to stillness; just with ALL the pain and nausea relief of a dank and dark Indica. I had this three separate times from Next Level Wellness-a premier OMMP establishment here...”

  • “This strain is one of my favourites it helps with my chronic pain.if anyone knows how or were to get clones let me know”

  • “Great body relaxing high. Melts to pain away but leaves the mind clear and happy.”

  • “I really enjoyed this Sativa Dom! I usually prefer a hybrid in general but I felt very uplifted and happy. I love to sing and cook and this mos def put me in the mood to get creative! I love the somewhat diesely or skunky smell yet slightly piney and its wild looking nugs. It also helped with pain and anxiety. This beautiful medicine woman is healing indeed.”

  • “Great overall pain reliever, but still a clear head and good energy. Relieved all over muscle pain and cramping. Activating, but still relaxing and didn't cause anxiety. The product I got was around 12% THC, so a lot lower than typical for this strain.”

  • “Medicine Woman: THC ? CBD ? Feeling of euphoria and creativity. Lackadaisical and happy. I feel I can either go for a run or lay back and watch a movie. Create the sistine chapel or write a novel. Headaches are null and void which is a big deal since I get clusters! My hip feel absolutely wonderful. Cons Slight Cotton mouth (but then what strains don't give you cotton mouth)”

  • “One of my buddy's had Medicine Woman for years, he always offered it to his female friends when they'd mention experiencing cramps. He loaded up a bowl for me (whilst I was sitting there in pain) and told me to let him know how I felt. 2 years later and I swear by Medicine Woman for cramps!!! He no longer has it & this upsets us both, me because I experience craps again, him because it's just an overall great strain”