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  • “Middlefork Review - 43.5/50 April 14, 2016 Summary: This is the Haziest Haze of all the Hazes I've ever Hazed! A pleasantly assertive combination of lime, blueberry, and sweet basil leaf aromas bless the nose - with the lime and sweet basil prominent in the mouth. Expect a SOARING, mildly psychedelic sativa elevation to last for four-plus hours. NOTE: Middlefork genetics are said to be Dutch Treat crossed with DJ ...”

  • “Best part of my seattle vacation!!!!!!! whent to herbs house in ballard, seattle washington. and ask for the best they had. this is what i got and i strongly believe it has to be the best i have ever had. Paired well with the double lemon cheese cake keif i got there also. HERBS HOUSE BEST AND FRIENDLIEST IN SEATTLE. great staff great products. didnt feel odd being a tourist visiting friends felt very at home.”

  • “Nope nope nope nope. Made my anxiety flare up every time.”

  • “Amazing potency, but its truly flavorful which outweighs the THC content imo. Washington States own!!!”

  • “"Are you ready?!" "I don't know, man! This looks kinda intense!" *push* Your friend pushes you out of the plane. What a great friend. And so you fall, and yes, it is intense. The wind pushes against your face, pressing on your googles. It glides against your body, but it's not quite as intense as what's going on with your face. That wind is tearing you up.(not literally) The ground begins to approach quicker. You thi...”

  • “I am a huge fan of Dutch Treat so when the bud tender suggested this to me I took bait. One thing I don't like about DT is that it's a creeper and when I want pain relief, I really need it right away. Well WOW, this comes on like a freight train, but not hard. It just hits fast but it's like a barrage of clouds. Immediately my pain is gone. It's like being transported. No couch lock unless I want to just hang back a...”

  • “HOLY SCHMOLY! This is is a heavy hitter that won't put you down and keeps a smile on 'yer face. Just ripped half a small bowl and damn I'm baked. Reminds me of a more mellow Girl Scout Cookies, just as potent but more body high and less focused head high. Way less get up and go, but I can see this being great on a rainy day. It's sunny now, and gonna go walk my dog. But I think I found another all-the-time favorite. ...”

  • “My new favorite. Really enjoy this one at around 30% THC it's strong but no paranoia at all. Very relaxing chill weed but still able to focus and be creative. Looks amazing have never seen the amount of trichomes that this stuff has, crystals on top of crystals, very sticky. The Blueberry flavor is very intense. Just an all around happy relaxing experience. A+”