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  • “As a Vet forgotten by the VA because I was having a good day when they "evaluated" me and determine I was 0% disabled! Now it's been long enough that the VA can shrug it's collective shoulders and tells me they don't care how many back surgeries (5) so now fighting my pain had become a crusade with me. Finding the right strain to make our lives better. Like Midnight and Blue Dream. One gives me pain relief while the ...”

  • “Leafly should have the strains midnight oil and destroyer up on the sitE. I've told them a couple times”

  • “This was recommended to me for dealing with some arthritis pain, and it did exactly that, and more. Although pricey ($12.50/g bud or $7.50/g for crumble), I personally think it is worth the extra money. My pain was almost knocked completely out, and I was felt feeling relaxed and happy. The effects last for about 2-3 hours for me. Highly recommend this for people looking to take the edge off of their aches and pains....”

  • “They should add an Arousal bar on the effects menu of this strain. I called it Horny weed.”

  • “From Releaf in Vallejo, CA. Perfectly manicured and dried, exquisite sweet and musky aroma and taste - I was in for a treat when I decided to fork over for this top shelf stuff. Mostly a straight purple with neon yellow hairs and a few sporadic spots of green, very visually appealing. High in CBD, not too much THC, preparing me for a restful night. Highly recommend with a sandwich, comfy bed, and TV remote or lapt...”

  • “I picked up an 1/8 of this stuff for $60 (overpriced but my friend told me it was not to be missed) and it was very frosty and smelled skunky. I had high hopes for this strain but I had some very bad experiences with this strain. the third time smoking it I had the worst panic attack of my life, it really fucked me up for a couple of days. and I had a couple mini panic attacks 2 more times when I smoked this. when I ...”

  • “I was not fond of the smell originally, but the high was worth the taste. The clearest high I've ever had, there was no echo-y deep high moments, my thoughts were coherent at all times. The only complaint is the medical benefits only lasts a short time. And was re-medicating every 40-60 minutes. I will experiment more with this strain in concentrate forms, and edibles. Great strain for someone who likes to get the b...”

  • “Very amazing strain in my opinion. I underestimated it. But once my brother had me try it, pretty quick results. Amazing body high like never before. Moving wasn't an option for me, I crashes. Great for if you're having stress, or pain. Melts it all away.”