Mob Boss Reviews

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  • “My favorite strain overall. I could smoke this everyday for the rest of my life! haha. I love how I can smoke it throughout the day and feel great, then it helps me wind down and sleep. Best head high ever. Talking, thinking and laughing.”

  • “Location: L'Eagle Services THC: 24.16% CBD: 0.00% Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: The buds are a light almost pale, mint green. The amount of trichomes is nothing short of miraculous. The buds are relatively tight, but not too dense and have small light brownish, red hairs. Taste Rating: 4.00 Taste Description: The taste has hints of earth and a light spice that reminds me a little of hash. Ther...”

  • “fat potent sativa buds. I only need two hits of flower for desired effect. more hits makes me feel uplifted and depression diminished. although with most heavy sativas it can trigger my anxiety. so if you have bad anxiety. medicate slowly until you find a good dose for your tolerance”

  • “Picked up some Mob Boss from a local dispensary. At first sight I noticed the green leafy buds with long red hairs. The smell is earthy with a slight citrus note. I smoked one small bud through a water pipe, the effects onset was pretty much immediate. Achieved full effects after about 10 minutes. Mob Boss is a great uplifting pain reliever. The effects are very uplifting as well as a slight tingle that can be f...”

  • BJW

    “Immediately gives off the distinct Chemdawg flavor - sort of a sharp musty 'green' smell, very unique to the genetic line and very popular in Colorado. It's a slight creeper that rises into euphoria and a general feeling of happiness and well-being. Seems to be a a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid with an active heady high and not a bunch of couch-lock or sleepiness, but certainly enough Indica to ease pain and rela...”

  • “just got an oz of these divine mugs. the buds are so effin' DENSE that my 28 gram sack looked like a little short of the mark half, not a full oz. no worries. those dense little mugs broke up big. 1 bonghit and I felt a little giddy, but good. second bong rip triggered a staccato cough rythmic and raw, blossoming into relentless. kind of lost track while I was time traveling, but when I became reaware of my surroundi...”

  • “I both love and hate this strain. First off its pretty potent, it is true that a little bit goes a long way with this. Yet while the intensity is quite strong it doesn't last that long for me. As for what I love about this strain, ironically (because I usually like indica's more), is the sativa-like effect. The distinct energetic, happy, euphoric, contented and uplifting effect of this plant is very lovable. However,...”

  • hi2

    “Nice! One of those strains that puts an immediate smile on your face. You can't NOT smile. You can still focus and you're in a ridiculously good mood.... (my experience anyway.) I would give this strain to friends who are new to cannabis. Just a light, fun high.”