Montana Silvertip Reviews

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  • “WOW, what a cross! Picked up from the novel tree in Bellevue WA and grown by raven grass in Olympia WA. The smell is very sweet, almost carmel like. When vaped you are hit with an incredible grape flavor, like purple gatorade! The flowers are dense and caked in trichromes. A very blanced hybrid. You can feel both the parent genetics clearly and they seem to work harmoniously. You get the head high from the ssh and th...”

  • “Grower: Raven Grass Harvest: 10 Sept 2015 Purchased: 24 Oct 2015 Quantity: 1g Retailer: The Novel Tree THC (total): 25.38% THCA: 24.34% CBD: 0.11% Aroma: Earthy. Good earthy, like rich loam, not like a dank and mouldy crawlspace. Flavour: Used a bong, mainly got something akin to peppermint, but more piney. Nice. I'm a big Granddaddy Purple fan and when I saw this guy on the menu at my local, Hit me pret...”

  • “This is probably my favorite so far, out of the 9 different kinds I have tried. Second from this company. I have a lot of spinal and nerve issues. This helped with everything. Legs, back, neck, arms, everything felt great. No matter how often I used it, it never left me feeling "bogged down" or heavy. I was perfect with lunch or right before bed. And don't let me forget the color, smell, and potency. I liked it so mu...”

  • “This is some super high quality bud. Gives you energy, focus, and slight pain releif. The bud itself is a beautiful specimen, with light green and purple, and covered in orange hairs. A great tasting bud that is great to enjoy with the local scenery. Recommend grinding with a keef catcher, and trust me, there is a lot of keef to be caught.”

  • “Finally tried this strain a month or two ago, now its one of my all time favorites, I always pick it up whenever it's in the shop. Perfect hybrid of GDP and SSH. You can clearly feel the parent strains effects but they come together to form a cohesive high. One of my favorite "chill out strains". A true hybrid feeling.”

  • “I live in Montana and am a patient of Lion Heart and have personally tried it and I find it to go well with anything piece wise that might suit your fancy :) I personally Vape mine but I know not everyone has the money for Vapes or just prefer ( other ) :) but let me assure you it's good any route you take :D as for effects it deals well with *Physical Pain* well and I personally have had positive *Headach Relief* it...”

  • “This strain is perfect for this time of year. It has a wonderful, christmas tree smell to it, perfect for a mellow winter night. Predominantly indica, this strain has a nice relaxing affect, with moments of bubbly happiness. Highly recommended!”

  • “One of the best strains I've ever had. Gives you a quick heady-high (clean, where you don't have to worry about it impinging your speech). It's highly effective for someone with chronic pain due to the quick high which then smoothly turns into a zen body high. Depending on your underlying mood it's good for insomnia an hour after smoking. Or you'll be curious, finding yourself reading random topics on the Interne...”