Moonwalker Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “They did IT! The crazy bastards did IT! 32%! What the hell were you thinking -- THIRTY-TWO percent? Was there a day when the growers of this Godzilla weed were saying, "Shit, I wanna be REALLY high, but I'm all outta dabs!"? Because I have a lot of theories as to how one decides that 32% THC in buddage form was even remotely a sane idea. Now most of these ideas of mine are total garbage, so you might have to supply y...”

  • “Call me a safe, cause I was locked... couch locked that is. I couldnt have gotten up if you'd have told me Pizza Hut was giving away free baby pandas with every purchase. Pizza and pandas? Who can say no to that? But every time I went to move, Gandalf stood before me yelling, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" The white wizard then took his staff and turned every piece of furniture in my apartment into dank cannabis. A shire's wo...”

  • “super dank beautiful bud.”

  • “It's very soothing, makes you feel very relaxed and couch lock. Tastes very good! You can feel both of the highs getting to you, I recommend this Strain.”

  • “awesome super good!”

  • “Amazingly beautiful buds from Royal Tree Farms. This strain made me feel really relaxed, calm, and overall chill. definitely recommended if you want to hang out all night glued to your t.v. watching a movie or playing video games.”

  • “This has to be the perfect balance of body and body effects. Had this in a BHO shatter, and it obliterated all the stress pain and nuisance of the day. I will keep this in the sewing kit from now on.”

  • “Good stuff. Very focused while smoking it. Lovely head high and not too sleepy”