Mother's Milk Reviews

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  • “This review is on Mother's Milk shatter by Native Roots. Vail, Colorado First off, don't let the name scare you away. If you do you're only missing out. This strain doesn't scream milk to me. It is sweet, earthy, and unique. As far as effects go I completely disagree with Leafly's description of this strain. The version I got at least was very indica dominant, 70/30 or so. The first twenty minutes I fought to...”

  • “This strain is unique. I tried it several months ago but sadly only had a gram. When I found it again, I was ecstatic! It’s a wonderfully mellow hybrid that won’t knock you out, but will bring you to the most calming state of relaxation and euphoria. You forget your problems on this strain. Or perhaps they don’t seem so great. It’s made for depression and anxiety. I couldn’t agree more. The flavor is milky and fruit...”

  • “very good for 😴... and pain. also very good high.. best of both worlds. if u like that type of strain. only negative is the dry mouth. other then that I'm in love”

  • “da da da da da da youll go runnin for the shelter of Mothers little helper it will take your mind away what did i just say da da da da da da go running to cupboard for some mothers little helper....”

  • “Mother Milk very good day time strain for day with cold or cloudiness outside.Help in morning waking up in pain and tightness in back.Really help alleviate depression as well for me.Taste's like powered milk with glow's of hot cocoa powder light taste.Pretty enjoyable similar to GG #4 or God like Glue.”

  • “A+++ good strain for anxiety and the days problems produces lots of rosin as well very dank”

  • “omfg mother milk highly recommend very potent and tasty as fuck this strain will have you feeling euphoric one second next thing you know you're sinking in the couch one of my personal favorite if you plan on. going out and doin g something in public pick a different strain because MOM will sneak you”

  • “love this strain 10/10 smell flavor and looks if you find this dont hesitate to get this dank af!!!”