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Mozambique Poison

5| 3 Reviews

What is Mozambique Poison?

Available through Holy Smoke Seeds, Mozambique Poison is a landrace strain from the same region as the notorious Durban Poison. Buds turn a beautiful blue color under the right climate. Known for its euphoric qualites, Mozambique Poison is commonly used by traditional healers in its native region.

Where to Buy Mozambique Poison

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Mozambique Poison Effects and Attributes


Mozambique Poison Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Pine

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“Imagine having the worst day from work and wanting to come home and relax but there is so much to do and not enough patience to get through it in one piece. This is the PERFECT strain to relax you tensions and provide you the clairvoyant boost of energy to get things done. I love the robust flavors and smooth smoke this provides.”

Most Recent

“Golly gosh, big surprise...? A little anyway. Just arrived in the form of shatter concentrate. BOB great high, so reminiscent of those days in UK and the Durban Poison some SA were raving over. Very much a sativa in it's effect. Relaxing? I guess? It is mostly the sativa sights and sounds that become emphasized. In my vape, i thought it might not be so good, since the vapour was so smooth. Big ol' five for this beaut...”