Nebula Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Probably one of my favourite strains of all time. It lifts any depression, stress, or worry you may have at the time -- I've felt quite relieved on several occasions. It's also quite nice if you are introverted like me and find it uncomfortable to get a conversation started at a social event. The attributes of the strain: Quite nice for creativity. I've dicked around and made various types of music on this strai...”

  • “I must say this is one of the better strains that I have ever tried. It goes well with good BEER. Alternating sips of my fav lager beer and pipe hits as I type this. The flavors compliment each other and the buzz can't be beat. Dreamy!”

  • “Nebula gave me extremely strong clairvoyance and clarity. All the background thoughts ("noise" if you will) disappeared. The single, cohesive thoughts are difficult to steer but the focus is extremely strong. My favourite strain so far, a must try for the cannabis connoisseur.”

  • “Extremely potent strain. The high THC content gives an immediate head high. Very little negatives, just happy very heavy high. DO NOT smoke before having to do anything important. Helped pain and depression almost immediately and lasted for over an hour.”

  • “Nebula is a top strain for the effects I'm after - powerful, clear head high plus an uplifting body sensation, lasts a good length of time. Extreme eye-reddener. Conversation can be a challenge due to frequent space outs.”

  • “Smells amazing.. gives an instant body + head high and is very uplifting. Excellent for immediate pain relief and depression. Lasts a very long time 3+ hours”

  • “Took three medium size hits in a row. Taste is super light on the inhale and almost campfire on the exhale, but not unpleasant. Smell is slightly sweet and mildly fruity. Felt it start in my head in about 5 minutes.... got some good space-out moments... caused my OCD to kick in a little, but made me feel productive, yet slightly confused at about 10 minutes in. Took two more hits after 15 mins cuz I was enjoying ...”

  • “Another knockout strain from my CG....My cut is said to be a 50/50 hybrid, and retains that instant sativa "take off" but is also relaxing, making it great for anytime! A cross between US Haze x Master Widow, it's a heavy hitter right out of the gate! My buds were sparkling like a starcloud (happens to be the other name it goes by due to the high THC gland production). This cut is from Paradise Seeds out of the "D...”