Nightmare Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Personally one of my favorite strains, picked it up from a local dispensary, earlier in 2016, I feel it leans more to a indica feel. I personally recommend this strain more then any og's or blue dream.”

  • “HANDS DOWN TOP 10 DANKEST STRAINS. I picked up a quad from cookies sf, i could only smoke like half a blunt because it got me so damn baked (usally i need 2 fat ones), anyways this strain is definitely a winner, so healthy and so much flavor”

  • “One of the fastest hitting strains I've ever had. within the first 2 minutes you are hit with an suicide inducing(not really) amount of euphoria. (assuming because of the GSC side) Depression/Stress immediately vanishes soon met with total clarity of the mind and you can really get lost into music haha. It is unfortunately met with a Viscous headache at some point so that's the only reason it's left at 4 stars. sligh...”

  • “Solid strain long lasting.”

  • “It's a Nightmare for shore. Fruity pebbles tasting, sedation avenue. My new fav.”

  • “This strain is SO good it's SCARY. Nightmare Cookies is definitely one of my favorite flowers that seems to balance the perfect effects of good Sativa and good Indica. W/ a creative, uplifting and calming high. I'm not too big a Girl Scout Cookie fan but I'm an avid fan of The White/White Widow and adore this. DO NOT pass this strain up! Or the Boogeyman will get you!”

  • “Just tried this strain for the first time. Buds were tight and heavy with kief. I found this very smooth smoking with a nice full body high. Although very powerful it leaves a enhanced mental clarity as opposed to the proverbial couch lock. I would exercise, go out for the evening or simply spend a relaxing time at home on this strain. I highly (no pun) recommend Nightmare Cookies.”

  • “Man! this strain was AAAAMAAAAZING! from thr moment cracked the jar i knew i had something special NIGHTMARE COOKIES gave me just what i needed relaxing heavy couch sinking feeling nice grin and v not too stony but definitely helped with my leg pain and helped me catch some z's STONER APPROVED TRY IT!”