Ninja Fruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I personally love the Ninja Fruit strain. It is very relaxing for me and my "Go To" strain when I play video games. I am growing it out now for the first time and it has been a very fun plant to grow. Very colorful. It has a grape candy smell with a haze, woodsy backend as you pull your nose away.”

  • “Ninja Fruit is amazing!!! After the VA started sending police to my home, I knew I needed to get help for my combat PTSD somewhere else, so I turned to the greener life. There were some strains that made me nod off while others seemed to pile shit on my anxiety, but not Ninja Fruit. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone, but don't ask me to share my stash.”

  • “really fun strain to grow, bright purple buds on most phenos, mine showed color at day 14!”

  • “This is one of those unique strains that I will always stock up on when I have the chance. This beautiful silver purple orange and green flower is on the mold side as far as "stoniness" goes - but it ALWAYS knocks my depression right out of me. Has a lovely flavour thats just the right mixture of fruit and spice. Also this strain gives me anxiety relief without making me feel "heavy".”

  • “hit you pretty fast and it Mellows out”

  • “My boyfriend and I love this strain, It hits pretty quickly and keeps me really relaxed, a little frisky, and mellow but, not overly tired. We use this one mostly in the bedroom, it's also great mixed with a little Butter OG.”

  • “Seriously smells like fruit loops, tastes good all the way through and a little bit of a creeper too.”