Northern Skunk Reviews

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  • “I smoked Northern Lights Skunk (labeled for me 'NLX Skunk', and this Northern Skunk seems to be the closest to it for review). I woke up in pain from my back and hips which is pretty severe most days, I used NLX Skunk to medicate for the first time. I waited for the effects to kick in which took only a few minutes and my pain started to dissipate very quickly and it didn't put me on couch lock. I have plenty of energ...”

  • hi2

    “I rarely sample a pure indica. Very very relaxing and blissful. If you want to be lazy.....don't hesitate to try this strain. Has a muscle relaxing quality as well.”

  • “Northern Lights x Skunk - High Frequency Farms - THCA 24.3% CANNABINOID TOTAL: 24.3% Immediately upon smelling this strain for the first time, my curiosity arose. I couldn't help but sniff the bag multiple times. Excellent aroma. I could definitely smell a skunkiness but the flower also had a nice piny citrusy dash of pungency. This is a nice bud for a day off or an evening after a hard day's work. On my current...”

  • “GLW's Northern Skunk is pure indica goodness. Makes me happy and uplifted and yet very relaxed. Eases depression and anxiety and yet allows me to get shit done. Fully cerebral and physical at the same time. I stay chilling on their Northern Skunk. This strain never gets boring! Works great for nausea.”

  • “Very nice high and very smooth while smoking. When you smoke more then 3g colours get brighter which is kinda cool.”

  • “overall great high”

  • “A Sensi classic, heavy hitting hybrid. 26% on my grow, centerfold worthy buds- fluffy and frosted. Aromatic of sweet- sour mango cocoa annd a touch of mint (it tastes like weed, these are nuances). Devoid of skunk smell despite the moniker. Hybrid comes true on the effects with heavy body high yet cerebral effect great for music or classic movies. Within the hour sleep takes over then munchies . Cheezits and peanut b...”

  • “picked this up from PARC last batch they had, definitely love it. Hoping it'll be there still when I get paid. For me it's super sedating, nice stoney high. Lasts a couple hours.”