OG Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Alright, OG cheese is one for the books. It has an earthy taste with an amazing after taste. But some downfalls are the possibility of sore throat, the munchies, blurred vision (may or may not be a negative depending on who you are), and on rare occasions it can cause a headache, dry mouth, and even paranoia. There are positives though! This strain will make you giggly, peaceful, and can even help with foot pain, nec...”

  • “I generally like to smoke new strains without consulting Leafly, and then going on during/after my high and seeing how well that lines up with my high. With OG Cheese, my results were generally the opposite of what some here are reporting. My experience was very energetic, and very creative. Sadly, I picked up less than I should've. I picked up a gram of this, and 3.5 grams of SFV OG. The OG Cheese on its own was phe...”

  • “I advocate all cheese strains. The wonderful euphoric effects and the ever present pugnacious flavors enthrall me. Super duper cannabis for a road trip or camping or adventurous soul searching.”

  • “Really strong smoke for your throat. When i smoked it I was high for like 2 hours. The strain had a very sour smell and taste, it was quite sweet in taste. I diden`t get any big munchie feelings only dry mouth and mediocre red eyes. The buds are very compact and looks like it`s less than it is.”

  • “Yes it smells like cheese Yes it taste like cheese Cheese is good .. I like cheese. Mmmmmm cheese! Ummm Super relaxed and calm love this strain!”

  • “Mon corps est une douce balade de détente tandis que mon esprit aiguisé (pas tant que ça) cherche à s'amuser de tout”

  • “I'm not totally big on OG Cheese, but the last batch of it that I bought from The Green Solution (Edgewater) store was killer. It was testing at 18%, and let me tell you, it was to die for. The smell was so cheesy that you could smell it from a far. The taste was excellent as well. A must try.”

  • “It was an alright strain. It gave me more of a body stone than a cerebral high. On one occasion it actually put me in a depressive state. But that could have been from a lot of factors. Overall, this strain is nice for people who want to sleep well. It helped me with my insomnia.”