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OG Chem Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Chemmy to the core. Don't come looking for that OG gas/lemon pledge smell. The cut I smoked smelled predominantly of chemdawg and tasted like it too. First time smokers keep in mind this shit sends you into stratosphere when it comes to a trippy head high. Best smoke for a hike through the woods or up a mountain, this is trippy "dig into nature" weed to the very core. Rip a bowl, go for a long hike and wait for the c...”

  • “This is my second time writing a review of Chem OG. The reason I'm writing another review is that this has become my first choice in daytime strains. First off the thing I love is the availability of consistent, high quality, bud. I'm sure other people have mentioned them but Grow Op Farms (aka Phat Panda) has got growing this strain down to a perfect science, It's amazing the smell and taste who ever first came up w...”

  • “I'm a light smoker. I took 1-2 puffs off a phat panda pre-roll. Reminded me of ecstasy...those were the days..way back when lol sex drive increase, sensitivity to touch increased, huge head euphoria.”

  • “best weed in Seattle. Phat Panda nailed this. not sure if I even want to try another growers OG Chem since it's so good. 5 starts all the way! After the first bowl I created a new language!”

  • “This is top shelf cannabis by phat panda again. The high is energetic euphoric creative all bundled up with big smiles! Would definitely recommend this strain for depression or ptsd. Smells lightly of diesel fuel and fir tree. This is a very tasty strain and the taste stays with you quite a while after you exhale!! I have fortunately been able to enjoy this product from phat panda since it hit the shelves and I have...”

  • “very strong smell and potent high that can have you couch - locked or jumpin off walls Coked out high for 3 hours until you fall asleep like a potato.”

  • “Have to agree with Tippydogg66, the Phat Panda cut I got was off the hook. Hopefully people outside of Wa. can come across this Pheno. This particular batch is 30.42% THC, 0.39% CBD. I can pick up both the OG & Chem equally, one doesn't overpower the other to me. This is a marriage built to last as long as its effects.”

  • “Went to a dispensary and asked for a Sativa or Hybrid/Sativa dominant strain with a high THC and was given this beauty. The first thing I did after coming home was to smell it and it is a strong smell, definitely chemical. This is so far the strongest strain I have smoked and I been smoking for 15 years. It WILL slap anyone in the face, I don't care who you are, Snoop Dog or anyone one, this strain WILL slap you good...”