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OG Diesel Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I have been looking for a quality hybrid strain that makes me feel both uplifted/euphoric and, at the same time, provides a nice, relaxing body high. Recently I smoked an OG Diesel joint and quickly discovered that this was the strain I have been searching for. Even after just a few hits, I was feeling the effects throughout my body and mind. This strain makes me want to explore and enjoy life, instead of being loc...”

  • “Instant pain relief with one hit. (I am a 40 year daily toker). Body incredibly relaxed. Instant head high that settled into a super afternoon of brain activity both creative and business. Body just enjoyed being pain free and totally relaxed. Not one for physical activity other than a nice walk. This is a strain best suited for the medicine chest. Not only was my everyday pain raging but I also was getting over a ...”

  • “10/10 high on the first hit....lost in my strain ive tried in my whole life”

  • “🎶every little thing gonna be alright🎶 😊 truly! OGD helps tremendously w/pain & anxiety gives me an energy lift & my mood improves instantly! Vaping is best but I'll go old school too & roll up - either way the flavors are intoxicating 💞One thing's for sure - OG diesel has me grinning my way through the day & able to do the things I used to do without pain! 😁 if you get the chance give it a try & enjoy 😎✌🏻️”

  • “Really excellent blend! my dispensary has this under the name Big Kush..really great taste; sweet and light but not really flowery or citrusy..smoke a lot quickly and you'll start to get light visual effects..relaxed euphoric body buzz but not super lazy/'s an all-around good solid bud”

  • “I don't think I've had this much anxiety in awhile...usually depression is my thing. But in the midst of some huge life changes, I found myself paralyzed with fear. Anxiety from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, and even with vaping several different strains for the last couple of days, I got no real lasting relief. Until now. Desperate for something to calm my nerves, I opened up a cartridge of CO2 oil...”

  • “OGDiesel always makes it a beautiful day 😁😍💚”

  • “Great candy/fuely/ skunky smell. First couple hits were very tasty and had me almost spinning. Then it relaxed into a nice strong mellow high. My buddy that moved awhile back to oregon called me and i was able to hold a convo easily and enjoyably. Very good for my back pain as well. I really enjoy that taste from the bubbler. Bout to vape and see how that goes. Def getting this again!”