OG Poison Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I use this bud to alleviate insomnia, and to curb cravings for alcohol and opiates. All three goals are met with this flower. It is deep, dark green with some orange hairs and lightly crystalized. The aroma is nutty, with a strong presence of pine. I am not an aficionado when it comes to flavor, but I would say it tastes the way it smells but more mild. The smoke is on the harsh side, with some heavy expansion so...”

  • “Smoked a small bowl of OGP to try it out, and was really impressed. After exhaling, I immediately felt the effects, and had to find a chair to sit down in. I watched tv for the entire time, too relaxed to get up and curb my munchies. Great bed-time strain, full effects are felt within the first 5 minutes. Not a creeper by any means. I will be smoking more of this next restless night. Only down-side is that while cras...”

  • DiB

    “Healthy dark green color with orange hairs all over and a nice frosty coating. Nice density on the nug pods; not overly dense but a healthy heft to them. The smell is very unique on this strain. It's like a cross between fruit and grain but very strong. It tastes like it smells and could even be likened to beer flavors. The smoke is not heavy at all but it has a strong smell like the plant form. The high is smooth a...”

  • “The best strain for relaxation I have ever tried. It melts you like butter. A real revelation after 24 years of smoking. It also will put your ass to sleep if you hit the bong a few to many times, so watch out with this shit.”

  • “smoked a bowl and effects started in ten to fifteen minutes. a mild head change, with decent body aches and pain relief. a good way to couch potato.”

  • “I experience a stuffy nose, maybe I am allergic to something in it??”

  • “This stuff is so good”