OG Shark Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Outstanding! I felt almost immediate effects from this excellent strain - the OG Shark was great for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Quelled chronic nausea and enabled me to both cook and eat a good meal. After a small pre-bed toke, I had a great sleep & awoke refreshed. Only downside was a slight anxious/paranoid feeling, but that could have been my mood. This will for sure be in my Top 10; maybe even my Top ...”

  • “Best high I've had in a while. Smooth flavor, potent effect, makes all the bullshit in life go away! Helps with stress, anxiety, and restoring ones mind if its going too fast or in a bad place. Also good for depression, a powerful uplifting effect.”

  • “Wow, Tilray really outdid themselves with this one. With over 24% THC on the current batch it doesn't take much to get fully medicated with the Shark. Sleep comes quick and hard though, so I wouldn't consider this a daytime strain by any means. If you need something that will help you get to sleep this one will definitely do the trick!”

  • “I picked up OG Shark from the dispensary in Vancouver BC, it was grown by Valley Co-op. This bud is beautiful. The smell is amazing and difficult to describe, something like earthy fuel. The smoke is extremely mild on the lungs and tastes great. The high comes on fairly quick and feels amazing. It made me feel very euphoric and uplifted, the high is crystal clear and very functional. The strain also gives an exc...”

  • “I'm a Tilray user here. And I'm going to give OGShark a 4 Star. And here's why. For new users: if you're really looking to be mind blown, this is for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend trying this right off the bat it's pretty potent. I used this product in a volcano vape. A small amount goes a long ways. If you're using this, I'd recommend starting small and just adding as you go. The taste was a bit harsh on th...”

  • “I found this to be a very uplifing and energizing strain. I immediately picked up my guitar and wrote a very upbeat song without even realizing what was happening. At one point, I had a muscle above my right ear twitch away rapidly and suddenly stop. After it stopped, it felt like an energy block I wasn't aware of had just been opened. I really love this strain. My wife felt a bit paranoid, but that passed when she...”

  • “Absolutely outstanding bud! The Smell will blow your mind!”

  • “Smoked a oney, great for pain. The buds are dense as fuck and caked in crystals. It has purple spots throughout the bud and few trichomes. Very pungent good smell, fruity taste, most dope herb out there most definately.”