Old Toby Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “an oddball-outlier, which makes sense, given its origins (who the heck tries to improve their memory with weed?). I've tried it 4x; what I've noticed is its analgesic quality - as good or better than any strain I've tried (purple arrow is probably next-best for that); its creative/project-y trait, and the fact that it's relatively clear-headed. it also seems to be long-lasting, so I ended up feeling the effects (want...”

  • “Fun, functional, and faaaaaaaaaantastic! We love this strain's no dry eye! What a gift. If you need a little flower to spark that million dollar idea, this is your girl! Enjoy!”

  • “I love this strain. it's a one-hitter for me. very uplifting high, then it knocks me out and i don't remember a thing the next morning. :p i usually continue to feel the effects subtly throughout the next day. Being a Tolkien fan, i just had to try it. What a pleasant surprise! i would have it in my stash always, if i could.”

  • “This is hands down THE best strain for all of my issues. Wonderful taste and beautifully effective! Well done!”

  • “I seek old Toby when I create art. puts me in a zone of creativity”

  • “This feels great. Smoked just one bowl from a bong with my partner and almost instantly felt it after just a few hits. Really cerebral, good feeling. Happy, no stress, don't feel heavy or incapacitated but would be pleased just to lay in bed and relax.”