Omega Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked a joint of this and it was very delicious. Very fruity, brought on a nice high and kept me feeling good for a while. If available, make the purchase. My regret is that I didn't buy more.”

  • “Me and my cousin decided to smoke an eight of this amazing strain and we had one of the happiest, uplifted highs, my bro took the best hit of his life off this, God Damn, but this Shit and throw a party”

  • “I would say that this is a pretty good strain. Good taste, smell. Smells fruity but doesnt seem like grape but is more berry smell and flavor. Has other smells I cant quite make out. Bought an ounce of this stuff and made some good cannabutter and cookies with this stuff. Great balanced high. Would say that it isnt top shelf”

  • “This strain will make you feel like a Space cadet. I would not recommend this strain for doing anything that requires memory or focus however its the perfect strain for unleashing your creativity. This strain is great for artists or musicians who are interested in getting lost in their artform. While it is an uplifting sativa, it might not be the best for social interactions. You might find yourself losing your tr...”

  • “Great indica for nausea and suppressed appetite, mellow without ever really hitting the gas pedal. This has much more medicinal value than euphoric or happy, though it does certainly help with both. Very happy trying it out, and at least keeping some on hand.”

  • “Top dog of the hybrids love the bubz,tast and the unreal high JAH MON SUGA”

  • “Had a bad migraine ten minutes before smoking this and this shit killed the headache off quick. Deep, relaxed feeling, almost hazy, like your body is paralyzed while your mind floats in the clouds. Very nice stuff.”

  • “great service and great strain of meds!!!!!!”