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  • “Also called Otto. This high cbd strain really works for my wife's MS. She could feel her feet for the first time in years. She acted like a teenager all week when smoking this. I hope we can get some more. The sample we had was cbd heavy... more like 1:2 with 13 percent thc and 22 percent cbd. Works great for pain without couch lock. Buds were light and fluffy, a little spindly. Smelled earthy. Tasted earthy, borderi...”

  • “European CBD Master 2014 14% CBD Flower. By far ths most stable high CBD Strain in Europe. Extremely resistent and versatile plant. guarantees high % extractions, very curative! DOnt have enough words to describe it!”

  • “GREAT FOR MS!!! My wife could feel her feet for the first time in ten years. We love this strain. Got it form Evergreen apothecary in Denver. Taste was earthy, and woody. Bordering on harsh. Like smoking some Reggie. Buzz was clear and uplifting, and invoked MAJOR munchies. My wife had no problem exploring RedRocks after smoking a joint . This bud is not for everyone, as its appearance, smell and taste are definite...”

  • “Completamente demoledora una de las que no me arrepiento de no probar”

  • “This was okay. Some relief of a headache, but it didn't go away entirely. Slight mood uplift, but it seems the 1:1 ratio acted more to cancel each other out, at least with my biology.”

  • “Muy rápida germinación y crecimiento, bastante resistente a climas del norte en exterior.”

  • “Muy rápida germinación y crecimiento, además es muy resistente en climas del norte como Zaragoza en exterior.”