Orange Blossom Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Thanks Leafly! I suggested they add this strain. Orange Blossom by Falcanna out of north west Washington State is truly something special. With a THC level of 27% and a cannabinoid total of 33.4% it definitely caught my attention. But holy moly! ORANGE SODA!! The aroma and flavor was without a doubt the best and most unique orange or citrus strain I've ever tried. I can't describe it as anything but the taste you ...”

  • “firstly, this flower has a warm citrus smell, like an orange peel. the smoke tastes much more subtle and smokes really smooth. I'm usually a bad cougher but I didn't have any trouble. the high was a happy dreamy lull. Super relaxed and warm. it was relaxing but not sedative. kind of a short high, but overall pleasant.”

  • “Very nice. A super calming but still uplifting cerebral high. A melty, loose physical high. This is the first bud I like so much that I feel compelled to review it.”

  • “Lovely and pungent smell and covered in strain personal favourite of mine !!”

  • “Fruity! But I'm thinking Orange Crush more than Fanta. 😂 Potato/ matter what your orange soda preference, this strain is delicious, effervescent, and potent. I'm a fan. Thank you, Falcanna, another wonderful smoking experience!!”

  • “When I smoked this strain, I felt instant happiness and positivity. This is a great strain for depression. Absolutely no paranoia. The only negative thing I have to say about this strain is that the landing is kind of abrupt.”