Orange Bud Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I love this one. The first time I tried this I was so impressed with the scent. You almost don't even need incense. I love the smell & taste but, the way it makes me feel...I packed my water pipe, took a few hits & the next thing I know I have candles lit everywhere, Enigma's "Dreaming of Andromeda" playing on repeat while cooking. Sex feels almost tantric with this. It makes you feel sensual. It heightens all of you...”

  • “I've found that some people claim this strain to be ordinary... and I've always found that what they've been smoking is not even Dutch Passion's Orange Bud or simply it hasn't been grown properly/cut early. It likes organic style of growing much better, but it could be fed with pretty much everything - very tolerant strain, that is... The high creeps on you - in the first 10 to 15 minutes it clears everything up ...”

  • “Got a new harvest. This one is in definite something you like to consume if your bones are hurting and every single movment feels like frozen hell. When being alone, this strain tends to make me very relaxed, sleepy and produces some gentle hallucinations which I really enjoy. But when having company, it make me talkative, giggly and I feel energized and happy.”

  • “one of the best things I've smoked.. long lasting high + I wasn't so lazy”

  • “I have problems with relaxing and my body is often filled with stress. This one is maby the best i have ever tried for relaxing. I melted like syrup and i felt absolutely no stress in my stomach. Im often physicly stressed also, moving feets, cant sit still etc. No problem after a 0.5 grams of this. My body got some well deserved relief with the orange bud. I have tried many types off relaxe weed, this one is the ...”

  • “I tried it for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. I would shut my eyes and see the greatest images. Not only that, but I've been exercising lately and I had an intense leg sore, after I tried this bud, gone, the sore was completely gone. From what I've had, this is one of the best strains out there. I was really impressed by how many hits were necessary.”

  • “Extreme amounts of pleasure, very uplifting, energetic and inspiring, I grew on my own from a Dutch Passion seed, easy to grow and cure, you can't go wrong, very good strain to learn how to cultivate! If you are looking for something to relax at the beach, play your favorite sport or have a good time with your girl, go for this one.”

  • “The perfect strain for a perfect day”