Orange Cookies Reviews

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  • “Although my dealer dubbed the strain "Alien Orange Cookies" I found it appropriate to write my review under "Orange Cookies" as leafly did not have "Alien." My bud (no pun intended) and I rolled two J's, one for each of us. After the third hit I instantly felt insanely relaxed. By the time I finished the joint I was the happiest person there could be. Everything I saw made me happy and made me delve into life and h...”

  • “Amazinf smell and taste.. Its a mild but "good feeling high" its potent and its taste us out if this world.. I felt relax and the aroma of this us so pleasant.. I was lucky to tries it ar San Bernardino and i got my pack of seeds! alien Orange Cookies rule!”

  • “A friend once told me, "Once you find it, you'll just know it's 'the one.'" Strain after strain, most absolutely wonderful, but nothing that really popped out at me. Until Orange Cookies. As already said numerous times, smells like an orange, and tastes like it smells. Exciting head/body combo. Goofy and happy, until I try stand up, then I'm swerving like I just had to many drinks. Uplifting and enchanting like a goo...”

  • “Me Want Cookies, Me Want Cookies, Me Want some MORE Orange Cookies. I was visiting family in Washington and went into a store. The bud "clerk" not sure if that is what you call them, since it is legal over there. Anyway, he recommended Orange Cookies for a great relaxing high. Again, I am visiting family so I wanted to be as HIGH as possible to tolerate my loving family. Just the smell of sweet citrus calmed me d...”

  • “This strain is a mix of orange juice bud X forum cookies . the mix allows the user to feel very alert and pain free 10 stars on both wax and concentrate. The true orange cookies are found at TlcLosangeles.”

  • “It's My all time fav! The taste is 100% identical to the smell and feeling is amazing. Perfect to be honest. It's a strong Active High, Just as I Love it! 👑”

  • “This strain is grown pretty exclusivley at TLC Collective, and to correct the description, their orange cookies is Orange Juice x Forum Cookies. This strain is PHENOMENAL. Nothing short of exeptional. This is everyhthing a strain of marijuana should be. Immense beauty of the flowers with a light green, orange and slight hints of purple, to the best aroma I've ever encountered from the cannabis plant. Pure tangerine ...”

  • “TL;DR: GREAT HIGH, 4/5 taste. I still gave the strain 5* because I think the high is that good. Gold Coast Premium Nug Run Orange Cookies I've been able to sample quite a few citrus flavoured strains lately, such as Cali O, Tangie, the parent of this strain, Orange Juice, and Jillybean. If you're in it for the terps, you probably want to stick to something Tangie-related, which produces a much purer orange flavour....”