Orange Creamsicle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This strain is really a masterpiece when it comes to presentation. Bright yellow and green buds covered in orange hairs and white trichs, and ooozing and delicious floral creamy orange smell that even non weed smokers love(no lies). The taste its just as appealing, leaving you with dead on imaitation of an orange creamsicle on every exhale. The high is a very mellow relaxing high. Not overly powerful, but not unpoten...”

  • “Orange Creamsicle is definitely among my favorite sativa-dominant hybrids. This is a perfect strain for those looking to be productive and creative while in motion. Take a toke and get ready to cook, clean, put things together, or give your partner a massage. This strain is supposed to ease anxiety, so those searching for a nice tension-free high should put some of this in the air. Orange Creamsicle has loads of oran...”

  • “Take this one slow cuz it's a creeper! I took another hit after 5 minutes because I wasn't feeling much. I'm WAY more high than I wanted BUT I'm also not freaking out or weed sick so it's cool. It's an energizing high and it tastes SCRUM~DIDDLY~UMPTOUS! I wanna marry this bud.”

  • “I got this strain because I wanted pot that wouldn't make me feel tired. The bud I bought from cbcb in Berkeley, CA seems a little old, but it still did not give me the "stoney" effect the way lots of stale buds do. Everything seems a little faster with this one, making it great for creativity and focus. This will not leave you feeling sleepy. It is great for a day smoke.”

  • “Nice and smooth, was still able to concentrate on my work, while maintaining eupho... blah blah blah blah. You get the point. In short; it's a great high.”

  • “One of the best antidepressants out there! A smooth smoke with a taste of vanilla on the exhale, OC has made the list of one of my very top favorites. I originally got it to see how it would work for the inflammation from my osteoarthritis, and it works wonderfully for that, too. Definitely a must try strain for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, or inflammation and pain!”

  • “love it...”

  • “really tastes like an orange creamsicle.... trippy”