Orange Crush Reviews

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  • “Wow. This strain is crazy. It tastes of citrus very strongly and I love it. It also smells really potent; it's almost like a dense citrus smell. The high was very exciting for my mind which made me laugh at the slightest out-of-place comments and at the same time was making my head heavy. I also note that I had the halo-head affect which is great. All in all, its a very conversational friendly high which stimulates ...”

  • “Picked up in Seattle. One of my favorite strains for a general feeling of calm. Music and surroundings become more engrossing and wonderful probably for the first half hour after use. After that for usually about the next 2 hours a calm persists, food continues to taste wonderful, and, unique to this strain for me, people all seem to be fascinatingly beautiful. Comes down easy.”

  • “Orange Crush from Chalice Farms THC 21.75% CBD 0.24%. 2 grams of bud came in a prepackaged brown zip lock baggie. Aptly named, it smells like orange peel and pine with a soft, berry air lingering in the nostrils for a bit. Nice looking buds; lime and olive green and absolutely covered in orange hairs. Not very frosty but not without its sparkle either. Smoked in my old school double chamber metal pipe it smoked sm...”

  • “First time I tried it, I felt like I was sitting next to Method Man. Great social strain, makes sitting around with friends entertaining. It will make you somewhat lazy.”

  • “Vaped this during 4th of July weekend. While out camping this strain made me embrace the outdoors and definitely made me want to dance all night to the music we had on (Bloc Party). It's not that strong but definitely is a good head high and doesn't last too long which for me is a plus.”

  • “🍊🍋 Orange Crush is a nice and mild sativa-dominant hybrid that is great for anytime use. It really smells like an orange. It's the shotgun of citrus to your nose will leave you wondering if this is laced with pure orange oil. It produces a nice head high that isn't too intense and won't bog you down. It's great for those not looking to get too stoned, but want just enough to get some work done. I personally like to...”

  • “Orange Crush is a very social strain. I picked up an eighth of it after I asked the budtender what would be best to smoke before New Years. I was directed toward this strain and not disappointed! The taste was phenomenal! Very citrusy with a bit of an earthy hint. The buds were light green, super frosty, and very fluffy covered in long light orange hairs. The high was very social, heady, and happy. Also very long las...”

  • “This is a bud that reinvigorates my passion for cannabis. Its sharp distinct orange soda smell smacked me in the face. It's not just citrus-y. It's distinctly Orange Crush. A smooth smoke that tastes as good as it smells and leave you feeling energetic and happy as hell. Perhaps climbing the ladder to the #1 strain. Tonight was good!”