Orange Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “What an all around smooth buzz. A delight from the first puff to the last. The smoke is soooo smooth. Very little coughing and the smell and taste is like...well... oranges. The high is focused and euphoric, powerful, but not over the top. It is easy to manage social situations and still feel great without the "stoned" look. I would recommend.”

  • “pretty good buzz really spacey almost at first but becomes a really relaxing focused high that's really potent I gotta say I'm pretty happy with this strain but I think I couldn't have spent 40 bucks better definitely a great Sativa feel nothings really lacking gotta love the diesel genes”

  • “In my top three you’ll find Sour Cookies, Cotton Candy, and in first place my all-time favorite Orange Diesel. What a pleasant experience truly, never have I had such an amazing tasting bud. I kid you not, ever hit I took it tasted like I was taking a bite from a fresh orange. Like, no joke I swear it tasted just like the fruit. And the high was pretty nice too, my dad and I were on our way to my grandmas house after...”

  • “Good head high, the type of high where you gotta listen to the best tunes you can find and just relax. Munchies will be needed and eyedrops( if you live alone or like your eyes bloodshot then your fine) are a definite need for this strain. Overall very good head high and gives you energy and uplifts you.”

  • “The stuff I got is locally called Orange Turbo (NYC Diesel and Orange Velvet) I love the all over good feeling of this bud! I hit lightly because other reviews said it was potent. I am a huge fan of orange and purple strains for Fibromyalgia. This takes care of fatigue, stress and stiff muscles well. Highly recommend listening to Etta James Radio on Orange Diesel!”

  • “Great strain amazing head high and it's very relaxing. Has more of a diesel taste than anything but you can taste hints of orange. If you have the option to smoke this strain take it.”

  • “This is my new #1 favorite daytime strain! Amazing energy! No paranoia, no tiredness.”

  • “nice wake up with this sativa. couple cups of coffee and a bowl and I feel ready to start my day.”