Orange Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is just really uplifting stuff. Bottom line. A phenomenal option for social situations, especially compared to all the other strains I've tried. I believe the appearance is supposed to be very tight, small, dense, angry nugs with a light, orange-tinged color. And let's not forget all the RED on this bud... What makes this a favorite of mine is how good it makes you feel... doesn't matter what you're doing, reall...”

  • “Very relaxing and uplifting”

  • “This was the first strain I ever tried, and it was just really nice. Really fun, smooth, and it doesn't take much at all to get high. Loved it, if I can I'll have it again.”

  • “This has become a new favorite strain of mine. Very unique scent that is sharp and citric, but an extremely smooth smoke. I mean it's really smooth. Once the intended effects had sunk in, I noticed many similarities to a pure sativa due to the energy boost it gives; its qualities are perfect for those who like to be productive and those want to start their day with a smoke. Overall, a similar experience to last time,...”

  • “Tasted great in the vape. Very citrusy, almost like lemons. Also tastes a bit like sweeter herbs (rosemary?). Great uplifting high, made me feel happy and energetic.”

  • “Over all, I really enjoyed this strain. I was very stress relieved and in a great creative happy mood. I could definitely feel the sativa when I wanted to draw but the indica came in when I wanted to get up and get my art tools haha. I was also able to have a clear enough head to talk to friends and ingage in a conversation. I did pretty dizzy and had a numb toungec but anything to be really worried about.”

  • “This is hands down my favorite strain so far! Great head high, relieves a lot pain and stress and it doesn't really put you to sleep at all.”

  • “i've never smoked orange crush before, so i can't comment on how well it preserved o.c.'s best qualities, but, speaking as a blue dream devotee, i was impressed with this strain. beware of violent munchies and spaciness, though. also, the taste and smell are delicious!”