Orange Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One bong rip had me good an on my ass for about two hours. This strain is very potent. It has an aroma of citrus and cat urine/ammonia. Very high odor, even in my top dresser drawer the entire second floor reeked of bud. Glass vials a must when transporting or storing. Fast acting strain, was completely stoned within a few minutes. Main effect is a serious case of the tinglies. A very pleasant experience. However, be...”

  • “The sativa feels like it last forever, but has an awsome euphoric feel, and the indica creeps up on you, in a good way”

  • “Wow! This stuff is dynamite. To start with, the smell is a sweet funky orange. Aroma: 10/10 The hairs are incredible orange and are sticking up. The large, evergreen tree shaped buds are laden with sugar crystals and are topped with what appears to be a solid piece of rock candy. Appearance: 11/10 The flavor is similar to giving a BJ to the Chillie Willie® penguin. Imagine eating a mouthful of orange koolaide pow...”

  • “Orange Haze is cross of Orange Bud & Haze. Orange Haze has dark frosty green buds with a smell of orange pine and citrus good uplifting high makes you think alot and makes u feel really happy and euphoric.”

  • “Amazing bud lots of THC & glistening orange hairs taste phenomenal in my vape great overall high perfect hybrid enhanced cognitive function with this”

  • “Even if this strain is not the most "powerful" it still has a great relaxing high and the taste is great.”

  • “I got a local homegrown "dro" version of Orange Haze here in Dallas and the smell was citrusy but not the normal pungency you get from Colorado weed. Anyway the weed is very very sticky and hard to grind. Easy hits and the after taste is extremely neutral. High may be described as a slow onset (smoked out of a bubbler) but a very creative one at that. All of my senses are heightened but I still feel very connected to...”

  • “I feel focused but anxious and paranoid. An uncomfortable sense of detachment creeps in unless I am being mentally active or distracted by something. Does not help my insomnia.”