Orange Hill Special Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Orange Hill Special - 10 week flower time from 12/12 flip. Light-Medium Green buds w/ Orange hairs. Skunky Orange smell, when same Orange Skunk taste when smoked. I would not be able to smoke this weed if I had something important or serious to do out in public. Extremely social, giggly and euphoric, kind of drunk or messed up, when around friends/people you're comfortable with. I LMAO when watching a funny movie or...”

  • “just trying it for the first time as typing. eyes already a little low.. enjoying it so far! thumbs up!”

  • “excellent strain. ticks all the boxes.”

  • “Great strain!!! First puff and i got a full body buzz. I also coughed my ass of. LOL! It has a very nice taste (more fruity, less piney) and a long lasting buzz. I would say that it's not as much a "let's go seize the day" but is more of a "I'm never leaving this couch" buzz. Enjoy!”

  • “Very beautiful buds, the high is mellow which is what I love. I feel relaxed and my anxiety from stress has really calmed down. Good to smoke before bed. I got a great night sleep and actually feel rested. Thumbs up from me!”

  • “Potente , golpe en la cabeza agradable , no muy buena para trabajar , solo para relajarse, te vuelve pendejo sin tanta voluntad para hacer cosas.”