Orange Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Orange skunk was a tasty treat with a very annoying side effect. After vaporizing the citrus, skunky flavored flower, the eye dryness kicks in. My levels of discomfort from the eye dryness went from merely annoying to flat out having my eyes as red as the devils dick. Not a discreet strain to medicate with, helped with the blues and had me talking my ass off. Pain levels were dulled but the effect only lasted an hour...”

  • “having fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, and adhd, this is the majority of what I consume ALL year round. I'm surrounded by many great strains, but can't be without my Orange Skunk!”

  • “I like the smell really strong and the high it was actually good relaxing and pretty potent.. However i mostly enjoyed the taste and body high it was for me. Pretty good strain if u cant fall asleep if u ask me lmao.”

  • “smoked in the woods, extremely strong and a fantastic high... thought my legs were stuck in the mud but it turned out I was walking around fine.. physical effects really hit you hard”

  • “Smelled like oranges but the taste didn't carry over. Bowl burned black and smoke was pretty harsh. Effects were very mild and short lived. Probably won't get this particular strand again because of all the other options in the store.”

  • “Es buena, un poco ácida al momento de dar golpe. Raspa mucho, eso indica que es buena hierba. Cansa mucho los ojos, te pone muy risueño y difícil de concentrarse. Buena para fumar estando con amigos y reír mucho.”

  • “This definitely is indica dominant! Gave me a great body high! wasn't very talkative... I got hella munchies and watched movies. it was chill. not necessarily a social kind of weed.”

  • “I'ts very potent, euphoric and a realy orange flawor”