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Orange Turbo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Its pretty damn awesome. It has a great flavor and the wave of the high sweeps over you in the best way.”

  • “First time I smoked it I got super baked I felt happy inspired and very uplifted”

  • “Had a very pungent orange smell which I loved I felt relaxed and creative through my day music is a bliss to my ears with this strain and my stress was gone like non-existent.”

  • “I can't give 5 stars because I'm smoking blood orange, which does not come up in leafly's strain search. I'm doing a live review while enjoying this with a nice gold tip tabcacci spliff. (I use fancy cardboard gold party straws as a joint crutch)... Gold tipped joints make me feel fancy, like I should have a top hat and monocles. Immediately I notice the distinct taste of orange candy, almost as if it were a jolly ...”

  • “I smoked and felt: Happy, awake, inspired, creative, sexual, and clever. Introduced to me as "Orange Tango", I searched high and dry for this strain. For those of us who can't go a day, or even several hours without smoking, this one satisfies on the first toke.”

  • “What you get out of orange turbo is a subtle blissful essence about yourself. It's not very potent so I used to when I went to work because it wasn't that noticeable. If you're new to smoking then it's an excellent step forward, but if you have a higher tolerance, then you won't be to ecstatic with the results, all in all, it's a pretty average hybrid, I would smoke it again, just wouldn't pay for it! 😏”

  • “Though it wasn't the best-tasting weed I've ever smoked, it was definitely worth it in the end. I was very creative and calm. A very good strain for studying for a test. Near the end of the high (which lasts for an hour or so), I became very tired. Recommend smoking at night to clear your head of the day's troubles. A bowl is all you need.”

  • “very relaxing and calming, allowing me to get the chores done. DabSmith Cured Live Rosin (East 8 Mile and Van Dyke M53)”