Orange Velvet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just picked up an eighth from Altitude in Co Springs and this stuff is amazing. Definitely getting the smooth orange smell and a little skunkiness in the background. Was able to get a lot of cleaning done around the place and felt great doing so. Smoked about 3 bowls over a 3 hour period and it was perfect. Never once did I feel sluggish or unmotivated. Will be picking up more of this rare gem!”

  • “O my, this' my fav worker buds next to Harlequin & Maui Bubble Gift. Migraine pain 5-6, nausea 4-5 when I medicated round 1930 or so. Body high hits ya 1st (in bout 5 min). Another 5 min & the head buzz kicks ya! Body high perfect; pain/nausea gone. Head high strong but not too much. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must). Made me energetic & creative. High lasted bout 3 hours. When the high started to wear off I cra...”

  • “Lovely oranges notes and a citrus sensation on the nose. Burning produces a light and yet subtly fragrant scent. The taste has feeling along the back and sides of the mouth. Defined orange aftertaste. Light easy to breathe smoke (wb). After five there is a happy sense and not too much headlines. Hungry after 30 minutes.”

  • “One of the most flavorful and delicious strains I've ever tried; OV is the KING of the "Orange Family" of strains. The terpene profile is out of this world! The flavor of Orange Cream is an unmistakable hallmark of a great batch. I generally don't care for "Orange" varieties of cannabis but Orange Velvet was the exception.”

  • “Good mellow daytime med. Also very good for relieving stress. This sample was soil grown and acquired from a legal, medical source. Very pungent citrus odor, very defined when vaped. Anxiety can occur with large doses, like many sativa dominant strains.”

  • “Migraine pain 6; nausea 6-7 when I medicated round 1800 or so. Takes bout 5-10 min to start kickin in. Pain/nausea gone. Body high perfect. Head high strong WITHOUT ANY ANXIETY/PARANOIA. Tastes like oranges! :-) Think I had a lil too much; bit of couch lock but dint fall asleep. Ate too much! Owwwwww. High lasts 3 + hours. Highly recommend for lazy days or for after work. Very nice, grab some it if you haven't yet!”

  • “I'd like to say I feel amazing. I put on some music on my phone and nostalgia rushed over me. Singing along was awesome it really brought me back to when I was younger. The taste is amazing! At first it just tastes like weed not any other flavor than that but when you exhale it's like you drank an orange cream soda. It is amazing.”

  • “This is my jam. It's sweet and has a great taste. Vaporizing is great with this strain. It's perfect before work because I stay clear-headed.”