Oregon Pineapple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is such a wonderful fun filled high. Not an immediate buzz, more of slow to start and then all of a sudden you are Giddy High ... listening to some old love songs and singing along loudly to all the words ... Well Oregon Pineapple You're THE INSPIRATION... you make me want to smile, relax, laugh and even get some chores done ... as long as the music is still playing and I can sing along ... loud proud and Stoned...”

  • “Initially seemed strong. Slight body high that quickly plateaus. Most noticeable attribute is it put me in a much better mood before going to class. Easy enough to get about your day. This batch was fluffy and smoked way too fast. About twice as fast as usual. Could smoke all of it and barely get an added effect. Not for me except maybe on a depressed day. Very light flavor and smell. Lilac, grape.”

  • “Very smooth! Great taste. Strong buzz but does not last too long.”

  • “I have a very low tolerance after not smoking for 2 years. Everything I have smoked sence starting to use again has made me tired and lazzy. I recently had a friend give me some pineapple and bam!!! I found what I've been looking for! After smoking my pain in my hips was gone and I was up cleaning my house and playing with the kids! I haven't felt that good sence before I decided to stop taking pain meds!!! I will ...”

  • “Upbeat head buzz. Relaxing body feel but not energy-draining.”

  • “Truly delicious! The smoke is sweet and light while delivering a wonderfully lung expanding sensation without much coughing. I was relaxed, euphoric, and very calm. definitely a strain I'll be on the lookout for in all forms, especially a clone.”

  • “Had some shatter of this testing at 88% THC & 5.4% CBD. It's definitely more of a sativa and relieves any stress or anxiety and takes some pain away, especially with that amount of CBD. Every batch is somewhat different and I think I got lucky. Its great for daytime use and still be functional. Too much and it'll make you sleepy. If you can find it, Great! try some. Especially the concentrate.”

  • “Great look and taste. Mediocre smell. The hits didn't hit my chest like i like, and high was more of a buzz. I would love to hit you with how it made me feel this or that, but it just fell way short. Only reason I didn't give it 1 star is due to the looks and taste.”