Organic Diesel Reviews

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  • “I may have just found my soul mate. I picked this up when a friend was in town, and I would take two hits, and I have never felt so adventurous. I suffer with anxiety and depression, and this herb makes me feel righteous. I found the only smoke I need to have in my life...I smoke it before I go out with friends to be chill...then when I get home, I smoke to relax. It's an excellent sativa-dominate hybrid that wakes y...”

  • “Took that long and strange trip to my not so local baker and scored more of this Organic Diesel, I'm unclear as to why it's called all of the herb I smoke is grown But I did do some research and I've concluded that it's kosher to call it 'Organic' Diesel. It's not like Sour Diesel, I'm guessing from research that it's a cross of Diesel 77 and Diesel 48. It tastes good, a nice mellow diesel t...”

  • “This is a great strain. I felt a huge difference in just 2 breathes.”

  • “Again, I can't wait to have more of this stuff in my jars. Had a limited quantity this time around, but just enough to get a decent feel for it. Super uplifting, but not purely a daytime smoke! I was able to pass out quickly after getting blasted off of this stuff with my girl. The smell and taste are simply overwhelming. Super euphoric, super fantastic. Expect a better review in the next two-three days.”

  • “Hits very fast! Fantastic for being out and about!”

  • “Melted my brain. Good for sitting outside and doing nothing on a nice day, very heavy head and body high though.”

  • “light airy but still tight. .light green tasty wonderful social talking etc. .good for the boat. .enjoy your summer”

  • “Couple of hits from a bowl and you'll feel it!!”