P-91 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really nice strain original burst of energy gives way to a nice relaxing body high while still being quite euphoric. The buds are beautiful very dense absolutely covered in trychs. The flavor is kinda sweet and spicy with quite a bit of earthiness thrown in. I really like this strain after work cuz if you smoke a bit too much you won't be getting any work done. Definitely recommend I know Phat Panda sells it under th...”

  • “Stoney Girls rocked my world with this mighty beast of a strain. I love P-91's ability to handle my pain and put me to sleep. Not many strains pack the punch P-91.”

  • “This P-91 strain was grown by Panda Farms here in Washington State. First thing I noticed upon looking at this flower was the beautiful vibrant green color, then the frosty resin! The smell is a little citrusy with undertones of sweet almost chemically smell. Breaking the flower up was nice too, with the smells coming out more prominently. Very nice dense nugs with a slightly fluffy appearance. When smoking I instant...”

  • “Amazing Indica! Phat Panda coined this stain "Fuck Yeah" and for good reason. The best high I've had in recent memory, with Cascadia Kusk coming in a close 2nd. This is a great, mellow high. Just riiiigjt...”

  • “With my San Diego/SoCal roots I remember this strain and the sensation it caused throughout the circles of friends who experienced it too. We all loved it because of its cerebral effects. Been asking and searching for years now where I might locate this old favorite... betcha Leafly will help ;)”

  • “somewhat disappointed. everything ive hard about this stuff is how fantastic it is, and its good but i found nothing particularly noteworthy about it. a decent balanced hybrid and i can see people liking this if thats your thing. felt the smoke was a little harsh too imo.”

  • “I asked for a strain that would take the edge off without couchlock, and I got this. Such a nice mellow high, lasts just a few hours, and no hangover fuzz the next day! Very nice.”

  • “One of my favorite strains by Phat Panda from Satori. Beautiful buds tasty smoke and a killer high. Great for pain or getting me to sleep. A true classic.”