Pearl Scout Cookies Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “So I got stuck in traffic today, I haven't had sex since Bush -- the Senior Bush -- was in the White House, and all the music I thought was cool is now called "Dad Rock" by smirking Millennials who never experienced the joy of ELO's "Time" with a pair of Sennhesier HD 800 headphones and a brain fulla Chocolate Thai. Well, fuck them! You know why? Because I'm blitzed to the tits on Pearl Scout Cookies right now an...”

  • “I asked my dispensary for the highest percentage THC hybrid strain they had and this is what they gave me. The Pearl Scout Cookies were at 28.8 percent THC and kept me high for several hours. Lemony spicy taste with a euphoric uplifting high that lasts a long long time. Really no downsides to this one.”

  • “Best weed I've tried yet! The high is amazing puts you in a creative mood and if you let your mind wander no doubt you will be writing a children's book about an octopus and Bambi!”

  • “the batch from Fireline from like six months ago was really really good best stuff ive had for awhile... but it all got bought up quickly... the last batch from a month or two ago was terrible i ended up just throwing away like 9 grams of the half i got of it.. it was unsmokeable super harsh yellow smoke no high at all dont buy this stuff till a new batch comes in”

  • “In love... Then she disappeared. I want to find her again. This strain is my favorite and one of THE best highs I've ever had.”

  • “Its hard to give anything a full score but from the smooth inhale and very tunnel vision focused high i give this strain a five. I smoke 2-4 time a day and pearl scout cookies got me on cloud 9 with one bowl.”

  • “House fly annoy face. Had me some Pearl Scout Cookies. House fly cutest pet.”

  • “Very clean high. Uplifting with a light full body buzz. The sativa dominant side, really shines through with a positive clean high. Very good for depression, by getting you motivated throughout the day.”