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Pele's Fire OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The seeds look like miniature Velociraptor eggs until they erupt out of the shell like the volcanic Hawaiian Goddess Pele whom this strain is named for - Next comes the vigorous growth of the most insane OG I have ever grown, mind blown and coo-coo's nest flown - The aroma is uncontrollable stank earthy diesel fruit that is impossible to contain like an escaped Jurassic Park raptor, why try to capture just let her be...”

  • “Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) @Leafly for providing patients a platform to praise Pele Fire OG as well as the countless flavorful strains added weekly to your ever growing database! Pele Fire OG is truly a strain worthy of Pele the Hawaiian volcano Goddess, many growers cultivating Pele Fire OG have witnessed her exhibiting rainbow colored phenotype expressions, perhaps paying homage to her homeland; "somewher...”

  • “A high yielding dome knocking Hawaiian OG to refine even the heartiest stoners head pieces in the volcanic flames of Pele”